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This purpose of this site is to have all Fiat websites on the Internet together in an ordered way.
To prevent "Link-rot", please inform me of any outdated links, thank you!

Fiat's own sites
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Other Fiat Related Resources
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If you think: "I've seen this idea before!", then you're right!
Garrett R. Hylltun has worked on this before with his Fiat Internet Connection, which still can be found on Sprynet. Unfortunately this site hasn't been updated in many months; also don't expect any replies to queries sent to the e-mail addresses you'll find on those sites.
This isn't all Garrett's fault, but rather the provider who didn't erase the old site when he left, moving to a different provider.
Right now Garrett doesn't have any internet accounts, so to keep the FIC alive I have decided to continue and expand his work (or as Microsoft would put it: embrace and extend).