B A R C H E T T A   C O N T A C T S

Contact other people in various ways.

Find out from what country all owners come from (you'll be amazed) and what color they've picked.
Also links to their cars.
If you are a owner too, you might like to join the English mailinglist to exchange information about our cars.
Si vous êtes un propriétaire aussi, vous pourriez aimer joindre le liste de diffusion Français à l'échange information au sujet de notre voiture.
Chat online on the ICQ network
Or if you prefer live conversation and meetings, join your local barchetta club.
But if there isn't a barchetta club in your country or you have another Fiat model, browse here.
Contains links to club-homepages too.


Meeting calendar with upcoming meetings around Europe.
Pictures of all past meetings, including the very special Factory Visits!