B A R C H E T T A   A L T E R A T I O N S

These are my findings in which way a standard barchetta should be altered to meet US regulations. The findings are partially based on those of an European Ford Escort.
Based on this, I think it should be possible to overcome most, if not all problems. But as I'm not a Registered Importer, I'm just guessing...

The barchetta probably will comply with Standard nos.:

102 Transmission Shift Lever Sequence
The barchetta does not have a safety precaution against accidentally putting in reverse apart from a little bit of resistance (no hidden knobs, no pushing down the stick), but 571.102 does not say anything.
103 Defrosting and Defogging Systems
104 Windshield Wiping and Washing Systems
105 Hydraulic Brake Systems
106 Brake Hoses
107 Reflecting Surfaces
109 New Pneumatic Tires
113 Hood Latch Systems
116 Brake Fluids
118 Power-Operated Window Systems
124 Accelerator Control Systems
201 Occupant Protection in Interior Impact
202 Head Restraints
203 Impact Protection for the Driver From the Steering Control System
204 Steering Control Rearward Displacement
205 Glazing Materials
206 Door Locks and Door Retention Components
207 Seating Systems
209 Seat Belt Assemblies
210 Seat Belt Assembly Anchorages
211 Wheel Nuts, Wheel Discs and Hubcaps
212 Windshield Retention
214 Side Impact Protection
216 Roof Crush Resistance
219 Windshield Zone Intrusion
301 Fuel System Integrity
302 Flammability of Interior Materials

The barchetta probably will have to be altered to meet the following standards:

101 Controls and Displays
  1. The telltails of 'Parking Brake Applied', identified by a (!) symbol, and 'Brake Failure', identified by a (O) symbol, should be substituted by the words 'Park' and 'Brake'.
    We will ask the factory if it's possible to produce an alternative telltale display.
  2. Recalibration of the speedometer/odometer from kilometers to miles per hour.
    The car is also sold in the UK, so a speedometer in MPH is readily available.
108 Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment
  1. Installation of U.S.-model sealed beam headlamps
    It's not clear weather this will prove to be a problem. Lightning will have to be changed: parkinglights are little white bulbs in the reflector of the high beam, instead of seperate amber lights.
  2. Installation of sidemarker lamps and reflectors
  3. Installation of a high-mounted stop lamp.
    This is possible by installing a rear spoiler with third brakelight
110 Tire Selection and Rims
Installation of a tire information placard.
111 Rearview Mirrors
  1. Replacement of the driver's side rearview mirror with one having a flat reflective surface
    i don't know whether the drivers' side mirror is flat or curved (probably curved...)
  2. inscription of the required warning statement on the passenger side rearview mirror: "Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear".
114 Theft Protection
Installation of a warning buzzer system.
A warning to the driver shall be activated whenever the key has been left in the locking system and the driver's door is opened.
115 Vehicle Identification Number
Installation of a VIN plate on the left side of the vehicle that is readable from outside the driver's side of the windshield.
208 Occupant Crash Protection
  1. Installation of an air bag warning label
  2. installation of a seat belt warning buzzer.

According to 49 CFR part 581 (Bumper Standard), the vehicle shall meet damage criteria when impacted by a pendulum-type test device at an impact speed of 1.5 m.p.h., and when impacted by a pendulum-type test device at 2.5 m.p.h., followed by an impact into a fixed collision barrier while traveling forward, then rearward, at 2.5 m.p.h.
Each lamp or reflective device except license plate lamps shall be free of cracks.
As the headlights of the barchetta are not on the edge of the nose, it's probable the lights will not crack at this low speed.

I found the following table in my original Fiat workshop manual:
barchetta tailpipe emmissionsCO (%)HC (p.p.m.)CO2 (%)
Before catalytic convertor0.4 ÷ 1<= 600>= 12
After catalytic convertor<= 0.35<= 90>= 13

Marc Kloosterman