R E A D E R S  W R I T E

Some comments from North American drivers

What do you think? Should Fiat re-enter the US market? Will this car be a potential succes, next to the BMW Z3, the Mazda Miata and all those old Alfa and Fiat spiders? E-mail me with your thoughts and I will add them to this page.
What do the North American Car Magazines have to say about the barchetta:

Road & Track: "Too bad Fiat's management has decided to ignore the U.S., which could easily be the largest market for the Barchetta."

Car and Driver: "Fiat has no plans to return to the United States. So unless you come to Europe, you won't experience the most touchy-touch door handles extant."

European Car: "With minor faults rectified, the Barchetta could satisfy demanding North American customers. [...] Oh, but if there were only an affordable Italian."

Finally, this letter was sent to and published by Road & Track:
The all-new Fiat Barchetta is a stubby, little, unexciting car. Besides, it bears a name that earned a rather dubious reputation in the U.S. Even with a Miata-like sports car, it would be a major mistake for Fiat to try to come back to the U.S. market.

Victorville, California