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Here at Fiatbarchetta.com, we recommend Luigi Carulli as the preferred barchetta dealer in Italy. Luigi has sold about many cars to British people on our mailinglist. He will pick you up from the airport, and have your car ready to be driven back home.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions buying a new car at Luigi Carulli's

Q: Do you have the Fiat Type Approval document?
A: Luigi will provide the document (certificate of European conformity), you don't need anything else.
Q: Would you supply plates so that I could drive the car back across Europe?
A: New zero-km cars are already plated; brand-new cars (like the Limited Edition) can be plated for 100.000 Lire (£33).
You can drive the car everywhere. When you register the car back home, you will have to send the Italian plates and documents back through normal mail or UPS.
Q: How much would a Fiat extended warranty be?
A: All Luigi's barchettas have the original 12 months Fiat warranty but if you want an extension, you have to ask a dealer in your country because although the original warranty is good all around the EEC, the extended warranty is worth only in the market where it's payed.
Q: Can a temporary fully comprehensive insurance be arranged?
A: Luigi can give a one month insurance with green card to drive through the EEC plus Switzerland and Austria for 400.000 Lire (civil liability 3000 million Lire insured). Additional fire and theft insurance is 300.000 Lire extra.


Q: Can the headlights be adjusted between UK and European settings?
A: AutoCorsa claims it can be done, but no one knows how and DTR will do a conversion using the original light for £130. Fiat UK charges £447 a pair, but Luigi will fit these free of charge.
Alternatively, adjust your headlights a little bit down: these new poly-ellipsoid lamps almost do not dazzle other drivers: the continental drivers never got flashed in the UK because of this.
Q: Reversing-light/foglight cluster: is this easily reversed to comply with UK regulations?
A: You can buy a new unit from Fiat UK (£65 incl. VAT) and replace the standard one by cutting and extending the electrical wiring, passing the lengthened wires through the rear bumper, and fitting them to the UK housing.
Or, re-use the Euro housing by turning it upside down. (To do this, you need to drill into the body of the bumper and refit using a self-tapping screw.)
Q: Do I have to recalibrate the instruments to show mph?
A: The law states that the car must show a representation of mph on the speedo. Little stickers on the speedometer may well be sufficient. Little paper overlay dials are available to replace the km/h indications with mph at DTR for £40.
When the instrument panel is lit, though, the original figures may show through. A new set of dials is £397 (Fiat UK) or 700.000 Lire ex. VAT (£250) if ordered and fitted by Luigi.

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