B A R C H E T T A   W H E E L S

The barchetta is a frontwheel-driven car. The wheelbase messures 2275 mm; 175 mm shorter than the Punto floor plan on which it is based.
The wheels are either pressed stainless steel or alloy on 6.5J × 15H2 rims; the tires were Pirelli P4000 195/55 VR 15 84V's or Goodyear NCT2's on earlier cars, replaced by Pirelli P6000's and NCT3's on latter. Which market gets which tires is unknown.
More info on tire-experiences can be found on Ivo's Tire Survey.

Some other facts:
Front: McPherson struts, 21 mm torsion stabiliser, lower wishbones,
coil springs, dampers.
Air vented disc brakes (ø 257 mm) - ABS optional
Tire pressure: 2.4 bar
Camber: -1° ± 30'
Caster: 3° 30' ± 30'
Bolt offset: 35-37 mm negative
Rear:  Trailing arms, 16 mm torsion stabiliser, coil springs, dampers.
Solid disc brakes (ø 240 mm)
Tire pressure: 2.0 bar Camber: -0° 40' ± 30'